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The Way Of The Road: Auto Finance

A good chunk of Albert Rants youth consisted of walking. Walking to school, walking to the store, walking to the movies, walking, walking, and more walking. Albert was getting tired of having no means of transportation other than his own two feet. He decided to put a plan in motion; it was time to buy his first car. Albert was always determined, once he had his mind set on doing something it was near impossible to stop him. If only someone had told him about auto finance.

Albert must have handed out a 100 resumes within a two day span.  The following days were comprised of waiting, call-backs and follow-ups. Albert decided to take on a dishwasher job at the local diner. Not glamourous, but viable. Over the next several months Albert worked long and hard hours, but he knew it would all pay off soon enough.

Fast forward to six months later. Albert and his long-time friend Mel strut into a car dealership with confidence and ease. He glanced at one of the higher sticker prices and suddenly that feeling quickly subsided. Albert was hoping to buy a Mazda 3 , but things weren’t looking to good.

“I can’t afford this! I worked like a dog for six months and I still can’t afford the car I wanted…” says Albert.

“Yeah, that’s pretty pricey, dude”, responds Mel.

Albert and Mel are approached by a sharply dressed salesman.

“Hey fellas, can I be of any assistance?”

“Well, I was looking at buying this car, but I can’t afford it,” says Albert.

“Have you considered an auto credit loan?” says the salesman.

“I don’t even know what that is,” responds Albert.

“Let’s step into my office and I’ll explain to you the wonders of auto finance.”

Albert, Mel and the salesman are all comfortably sitting in the dealerships office.

“Okay, so let me explain how getting an auto credit loan works. Say you want that car in the display room, but can’t afford to pay the whole amount up front,” .

“My exact problem,” says Albert.

“Auto finance is a method in which you can buy a vehicle through a third-party, in this case that would be the dealership. The dealership would then technically own the vehicle. You then make
affordable monthly payments on the car until the loan is paid off. Once the auto credit loan is paid off the car is officially yours.”

“Sounds amazing, but I’ll have to mow it over for a few days,” says Albert.

There’s no way that Albert could afford that car on his own and up front. The only way he could attain the vehicle is through auto finance. An auto credit loan is a viable method of obtaining a car you wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. After some careful decision making, research and planning, Albert applied for and received an auto credit loan. Thanks to auto finance, Albert got the car he wanted  and no longer has to walk everywhere. Now, he travels in style. _

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